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It is wonderful to see how the Olympic Flame is brought from Athens by sporting celebrities to the place where the Olympic Games are being held. An ordinary mortal is extremely difficult or at least to run with this Flame.


Why rare…? Now there is the chance of a similar unique experience.

The Marathon Flame that always burns in the town of Marathon in Greece where the Persians were defeated in 490 BC and the running Athenian soldier-messenger died after bringing this beautiful news to the Greek leaders in Athens.

This Marathon Flame is every year ceremonially handed over to and brought by car, train or plane to different marathons around the world in order to pass the message that “Will Has No Limits” and draw attention to world peace, fair play in sports and the promotion of sports, especially to children.

The Leiden Marathon is the very first marathon in the world that wants to bring the flame running all the way from Athens to Leiden. You can be part of that. Even if you are not Dutch. We will run through Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Leiden Marathon, in collaboration with the Hellenic Athletics Federation (the organizer of Athens Marathon) and the City of Marathon, is organizing this unique and once-off project to celebrate its 30th anniversary and is mainly doing this for a good cause, the Willem-Alexander Pediatric (Children’s) Hospital in Leiden. Partner in this project is the also 5-year-old TK Challenge Foundation that provides teams and support.

We need 37 teams to bring the Marathon Flame to Leiden. And we ask a lot of the teams.

A team conforms by registering to:

  • Running 84 kilometers (twice the marathon distance) to bring the Marathon Flame from Marathon/Athens to Leiden (The Netherlands). The team consists of at least 4 and at most 6 runners who each run a full, half or quarter marathon.
  • Supplying two cyclists and a driver (may also be the runners).
  • The contribution of at least two thousand euros for the Willem-Alexander Pediatric (Children’s) Hospital. The more money, the higher on the rankings and the more fame.
  • Appearing with the entire team at the agreed time at the agreed location on the route of The Marathon Flame of Athens – Leiden. The team does this on its own initiative and at its own expense.
  • The team gives a preferred time, which is taken into the planning if possible.
  • The team must indicate in advance what the running speed is.
  • The schedule assumes an average of 10K per hour.

The team gets in return:

  • The unique experience of running with the Marathon Flame.
  • A unique token in a box specially designed and pressed for these couriers.
  • Every runner a certificate signed by the authorities certifying that you have ran the Marathon Flame on the Athens – Leiden route.
  • Care (sleeping, eating, transport to the exchange place) from a day before up to and including a day after running the own part of the route.
  • On the website the listing as a team and as an individual member of the Athens – Leiden Marathon.
  • Include as a team in the donation classification.
  • Eternal fame and thanks from the Willem-Alexander Pediatric (Children’s) Hospital.

I want to register my team.

The teams are listed in order of registration. We will contact you as soon as possible (within 2 weeks at the latest) to fit your team into the team schedule.

Klik op het plusje en kies een bestand. Andere foto? Upload hier een nieuwe.

Het team dient verdeeld te zijn in minimaal 4 lopers en 2 fietsers en een chauffeur, dit mogen ook lopers zijn die fietsen of chaufferen als ze niet hoeven lopen. Later teamleden toevoegen? Mail deze o.v.v. van de teamnaam naar

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